New PDF release: 100 Jahre Mathematisches Seminar der Karl-Marx-Universitaet

By H.; Beckert, H. Schumann

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Bert is the Bottle-Washer. MR. DOORS: i. Duggie is the Worker. 2. Charlie is the Bottle-Washer. 3. George does not have one of the door jobs. It was interesting, but not perhaps surprising, that each statement in which the name mentioned was one of those present was true. Each statement, however, in which the name mentioned was one of the three who were not present was false. (No one made a statement mentioning his own name. ) Find the names and the jobs of our 4 representatives. 29 MR. SWEEPERS: 24.

2. Duggie is a Socialist. Find their jobs and political parties. ) 34 27. The Pay Roll Rules In the early days of Our Factory there were only five em- ployees - Alf, Bert, Charlie, Duggie and Ernie. Their jobs were, not necessarily respectively, Door-Keeper, Door-KnobPolisher, Bottle-Washer, Welfare Officer and Worker. The question arose as to whether, and if so what, they should be paid. It was clearly very difficult to arrange this in such a way as to reward merit accurately and avoid friction, but eventually, after much thought, I, as Managing Director, put up the following set of rules: i.

No one is to get less than 200 dollars or more than 6oo dollars a month. 6. The Door-Keeper is to get 5 per cent more than he would if he got l o per cent less than Bert. 7. Everyone heretofore, now and hereinafter, has received, does receive and will receive, an exact number of dollars a month. What are the various jobs of my employees and what monthly wage is each of them to get? 35 28. The Higher the Truer Alf, Bert, Charlie, Duggie, Ernie, Fred and George, have been smitten with a mysterious disease.

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