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CONJURED SPIRIT APPEARS ON A PILLAR OF FIRE CONJURED SPIRIT APPEARS ON A PILLAR OF FIRE The inscriptions on the seal are to be said as follows: AFFABIJ ZIEN, JERAMIJE LATABI DAMAJESANO NOIJ LIJOIJ LEAIJ GLIJ EIJLOIJ LIECLE LOATE ELI ELI MECHARAMETHIJ RIJIBISAS SA FU AZIRA REACHA The Citation names the twelve evil spirits of man, through the help of the Father, of the Hebrew Eli. It is terrible. , in this circle, conjure and cite this spirit Fatenovenia, with all his adherents, to appear here in this spot, to fulfil our desires, in the name of the three holy angels, Schomajen Sheziem, Roknion Averam, Kandile, Brachat Chaijdalic, Ladabas, Labul, Raragil, Bencul, in the name of God.

The Words of the Breastplate and the Helmet pronounced mean Holiness. " Whoever wears them on his person will not die a sudden death. BREASTPLATE OF AARON The inscriptions on the seal are to be pronounced as follows: SADAJAI AMARA ELON HEJIANA VANANEL PHENATON EBCOEL MERAI That is, a Prince of Miens, the other leads to Jehova. Through this, God spoke to Moses. MAGICAL LAW OF MOSES The inscriptions on the seal are to be read as follows: AILA HIMEL ADONAIJ AMARA ZEBAOTH CADAS YESERAIJE HARALIUS These words are terrible, and will assemble devils or spirits, or they will cause the dead to appear.

The Tenth Table of the Spirits of Mercury gives wealth in Chemistry. These spirits contribute treasures of the mines. , cite Thee, Spirit Yhaij, by El, Yvaij, by Elohim, Ileh, by Elho * Kijlij, by Zebaoth, Taijn Iseij, by Tetragrammaton, Jeha, by Zadaij * Ahel, by Agla that you will obey my orders, as truly in and through the name Schemesumatie, upon which Josua called, and the sun stood still in its course. Fiat, fiat, fiat. The Eleventh Table gives good luck and fortune. Its spirits give the treasures of the sea.

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