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Manger o y R - existential predicate there is, are (neg. ) o y R - . . R M O ^ have, has o y R - . . ^icocD** have, has o y R o y o N € -, e p o ^ have something against, be indebted to N c y R - there was ( n e o y R - ) o y R r e -, o y R r ^ , o y R T x ^ have, has ( o y R - R r e - ) neg. ( R ) M R T e - , ( R ) M N T X ^ have not, has not o y R r e - . . e - , e p o ^ be indebted to o y o e i N [ o y o e i N € , o y x e i N ] m. light poyoeiN shine oyoN [oyxN] someone, something oyoN NIM everyone oycjDN, o y HN [oyeN ], o y HNt open, be open imper.

R T C R T S be Created, 28 cxxuii) [cANea^,C0NC9],cxuoY(^^,cxuxq^T^ cxxHU) cNoq nourish, rear, wellfed^ m. blood n. last year [cNxq] cN o y q ca)N2,coN^'^ [cAN^^], coN^t [cAN^^ bind, be bound m. bond, fetter [CNA^], p l . C N O o y ^ [cNAoy^] CHxyz cn-,cen- Lyear m. occasion, time one time ^ l o y c o n together c e n c NA y twice ( c e n - is u s e d w i t h two) M n n e ^ c e n c N A y for a second time R c 9 M N T c a > ( j D n three times ( c c o c u n is u s e d w i t h t h r e e ) R K c c o n again c ( j L > n , c n - , c o n ' ^ dip, soak c e e n e [ c e n e i ] remain; m, remainder, rest AyoD n K e c e e n e and so forth, et cetera cnip m .

Herdsman, -herd MOONe, MeNe MANe M A N O Y M A N O o y T t come to land, come into port MOONe f. nurse M o y N K , M o y N r [ M o y o y r ] m. make, form; m. form, formation [ M o y N K N ^ o m. countenance] M o y N r N6IJC m, hand-made thing [ M o y N K , M o y N r , M O N K ^ cease, perish, destroy] M N N C A M N N C c u ^ after v. c A M N T - forms abstract nouns fem. MHT MNoyx ten m. doorman, gatekeeper [ M N x p e o y ] m, witness testify MNTMFfTpe f. testimony M H ^ , R n e - conjugation base negative I perfect Rne no, if not, or not M n o , e M n o [ e B O , e B a > ] n.

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