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By Wendy Kaminer

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In fact, the New York Times reported on September 8, 1988 that approximately two hundred corporate employers have instituted such programs. On November 7, 1989 the Wall Street Journal reported on Motorola's efforts to improve English language skills of its workers. By 1992, the company will have spent up to $30 million on a program which began in 1986 affording basic literacy training in the English language for approximately six thousand workers. Another success story is Pace Foods, Inc. in San Antonio, Texas.

S. cities. S. population at large. Between 1970 and 1980, 40 percent of new immigrants settled in either the Los Angeles or New York metropolitan areas with another 20 percent going to one of four other cities: Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, or Miami. The settlement patterns of post-1965 Asian and Latin American immigrants indicate that they are concentrated mainly in Western and Southwestern states although other Spanish speaking groups have demonstrated contemporary residential clustering as wellPuerto Ricans in New York and New Jersey; Cubans in Miami (McGroarty, p.

Also, linguist Guadalupe Valdes notes that language contact in the border regions between Mexico and the United States is different from the contact that occurs in purely immigrant settings because of the comparable status and range of functions available to each language. While many monolingual members of either group become bilingual, Valdes finds that very little is known why this occurs (McGroarty, p. 175). Although McGroarty indicates no knowledge of specific studies relating bilingualism (English-Spanish) to labor market success along the border, indirect evidence as well as anecdotal information suggests that all other things being equal, bilingualism enhances earning power.

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