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By David Gries, Fred B. Schneider

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Here, the authors try to alter the best way common sense and discrete math are taught in machine technology and arithmetic: whereas many books deal with good judgment easily as one other subject of analysis, this one is exclusive in its willingness to head one step additional. The ebook traets good judgment as a simple software that may be utilized in primarily any other sector.

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Formal common sense, unfastened from the ambiguities of common languages, is mainly suited to use in computing. In flip, version concept, that is fascinated by the connection among mathematical buildings and good judgment, now has a variety of purposes in parts akin to computing, philosophy, and linguistics.

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As we will see, rules of logic provide an effective alternative to reasoning in English. 2. 4. MODELING ENGLISH PROPOSITIONS 33 One trivial way to translate a proposition into a boolean expression is simply to create a boolean variable to denote that proposition. 4) is: p : Henry VIII had one son and Cleopatra had two. A boolean variable that can denote a proposition is sometimes called a propositional variable, but we will stick to the term boolean variable. 4) contains two subpropositions, "Henry VIII had one son" and "Cleopatra had two (sons)".

L e1"b mz: X= y g. X _ y -g. Y. This fundamental property of equality and function application holds for any function g and expressions X and Y . In fact, any expression can (momentarily) be viewed as a function of one or more of its variables. y = x + y . 8) are just two different forms of the same rule. 5) allows us to "substitute equals for equals" in an expression without changing the value of that expression. It therefore gives a method for demonstrating that two expressions are equal. In this method, the format we use to show an application of Leibniz is E[z:=X] (X=Y) E[z :=Y] The first and third lines are the equal expressions of the conclusion in Leibniz; the hint on the middle line is the premise X = Y .

Obviously, Hoare understands that communicating ideas well is just as important as having ideas. As a final note, the house owned by Hoare's in-laws was the setting for much of the movie Room with a View. In some programming languages, the assignment statement is extended to the multiple assignment Xt, x2, ... , Xn := Et, E2, ... , En, where the Xi are distinct variables and the Ei are expressions. The multiple assignment is executed as follows. First evaluate all the expressions Ei to yield values Vi (say); then assign v1 to x1, v2 to x2, ...

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