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By Høyland Lavik, M.

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This quantity sheds new gentle on an previous and one way or the other perplexing textual content, Isaiah 18. although nearly all of students through the years has appeared this bankruptcy tricky to totally comprehend, the writer of this quantity demonstrates how Isa 18 might be noticeable as a coherent entire by means of displaying itself to be an instance of Hebrew rhetoric.

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Let us briefly look at some signs to the text’s consistency. First, vv. 5–6 unfold a dramatic scene. The growth of the vine grapes from blossom to grapes just about ready to be harvested is described: ryxq ynplAyk “For, at harvest time,” jrpAμtk “when the bud has been completed,” hxn hyhy lmg rsbw “and [the] sour grape[s] [are] ripen. ” V. ” The subject is “he” for all three verbs. The shift from 1st person singular in v. 4 to 3rd person masculine singular in v. 5 underlines the drama described.

The theological message of Isa 18:1–7 is therefore: Disobedience has its dire consequences, and Judah has to choose YHWH as her alliance partner before it is too late. The textual observations referred to here concerning the rhetoric of entrapment of Isa 18:1–7, have not been touched on in previous studies on this chapter. A few commentators have suggested that the judgement described in 18:5–6 should be applied to Judah, rather than Cush, Assyria or other powers, but as long as they have not presented arguments for understanding the text this way, I believe there is need for a thorough 53 Cf.

Fox, argues that: “Rhetoric is persuasive discourse [. 81 Rhetorical criticism should, according to Fox, focus on the analysis of “[. ”82 Fox does however not have a preference for classical rhetoric: “[. A. Clines uses the general concept of rhetoric as the art of persuasion. 84 D. Patrick and A. 86 79 Ibid. 4. J. Barton, “History and Rhetoric in the Prophets”, The Bible as Rhetoric (1990) 51–64, 52: “The genius of the classical prophets was to take the highly recalcitrant facts of history, [.

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