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By Marc Hirshman

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Compares Rabbinic midrash and Patristic exegesis in overdue antiquity and offers an advent to many of the kinds of Patristic literature. by way of evaluating interpretations of the Hebrew Bible by way of Jews, Christians, and Gnostics in overdue Antiquity, this publication offers a different viewpoint on those spiritual routine in Palestine. Rival interpretations of the early Church and the Midrash are set opposed to the backdrop of the pagan critique of those religions and the gnostic possibility that grew inside either Christianity and Judaism. The comparability of the exegetical works of Christianity and Judaism illuminates the later improvement of the 2 religions and provides clean perception into the Bible itself

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11 Exceptional are Justin's virulent attacks against the Jewish teachers.  The Jewish masters fail because they are "imprudent and blind" (134).  In the final analysis, the Jews would have to choose between the exegeses of their inane teachers and those of the Master of the Universe's Messiah.  It is somewhat ironic that a work entitled dialogue belies any chance of shared study or genuine exchange between Christians and Jews.  After clarifying Justin's claims and methods, including those he ascribes to the Jewish teachers of his times, we will closely consider rabbinic midrashim of the same period, to estimate their relevance to the questions raised by Justin.

In the following chapters, I attempt to support this perception of the midrashic endeavor. Although the broad range of genres used by Christians may be a natural corollary of the use of Greek and Latin in their writings, it may also be a prominent indication of Christian proselytizing intentions. "2 The study of these exegeses, as such and in comparison with rabbinic midrashim found in tannaitic and amoraic collections, is of great interest. " Page 32 The 142 chapters of the book can be divided into four sections: 1.

Chapters 48–107: Jesus is the Messiah. 4.  It is essential to begin with a sketch of the characters taking part in the dialogue and their literary roles.  Several other aspects of Trypho's role need to be considered before going into the reason for this curious fact.  Toward the end of the Dialogue Trypho even repeats a question, so that Justin might "exhibit the same proof to these men" (Trypho's friends—123:7).  Trypho's role can probably best be summarized in his own words, when he approaches Justin and requests, "Bring us on, then," said [Trypho], "by the Scriptures, that we may also be persuaded by you" (90:1).

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