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Saturn is not material or gross as he is supposed to be. His elements 38 Saturn-Friend &. Guide according to Acharya Raj are fire and ether. ,None of them is of earthy nature. He only realises the relativity of all the tangible values and starts with a long time planning. He is miser despite his unlimited affluence because he fears the instability of his present affluence and tries to save as much as he can for the rainy days. This gives him some sense of security. He wants a security not only of his physical existence but also a security to ensure his identity and also his own worth vis-a-vis the creation and the environments.

The strength of the house and of planets depends upon the aspect and association of planets and their mutual relationships. Further, in the judgment of the results of any planet in any particular house we have also to judge the constellation occupied by the planet concerned and the natural significator etc ofthat house. In fact the proper judgment of the behaviour of a planet depends upon the application of the art of analysis and syntheses. Saturn in Ascendant Lagna is the sign of the zodiac rising in the east at the time of the epoch.

Saturn in the 3rd house From the 3rd house we judge the native's arms, his nature, his servants, his ears, courage and brothers. The third house stands for common intelligence also which goes a long way to make up native's general nature. This house is considered to be an evil house and the malefics in evil houses are considered to be auspicious. There is a geaeral agreemesa alllQllgst all- the masterĀ» that Saturn in the 3rd house does not augur well for the coborns, particularly the younger ones.

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