New PDF release: Abhidharmakosabhasyam. Vol. II

By L. De LA Vallee Poussin

ISBN-10: 0895819139

ISBN-13: 9780895819130

This can be an important compendium of Indian Buddhist philosophy and psychology. The 4 quantity (app. 1600 pp.) clothbound masterwork starts with a heritage of abhidharma literature and covers an enormous array of topics from a Buddhist standpoint. a few of these matters are Buddhist cosmology and the method of rebirth, karma and the Buddhist moral concept, psychological defilements, explanations of affliction and the trail to enlightenment, the supernatural powers of a Buddha, a taxonomy of meditative states and a refutation of the lifestyles of soul. "... one of many landmark achievements within the heritage of Buddhist stories. hugely advised for all educational libraries..."--Choice a variety of selection striking Books and Nonprint fabrics (OABN). Contents Translator's Preface The Abhidharma--Leo M. Pruden Abhidharmakosabhasyam--L. Poussin The Dhatus The Indriyas the area Karma The Latent Defilements the trail and the Saints The Knowledges The Absorptions Refutation of the Pudgala Footnotes Index

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Or else the birth is fortunate. The mother and the servants take the new-born baby into their hands which are like knives and acids for this body now as sensible as an open wound One washes the child;149 one nourished it with milk and fresh butter, and later with solid foods: thus does he grow. By reason of this development, 15° the organs mature and the defilements enter into activity, from whence actions arise. And when the body perishes, the series passes into another existence by reason of these defilements and actions, through the medium of the intermediate existence, as mentioned previously.

They quote the Sutra (Saptasuryavydkarana, Dtrgha TD1, p. 138b25, and Madhyama, TD1, p. 429a22):49 "Beings that are born for a short time in Abhasvara Heaven know poorly the laws of the destruction of the universe. ' But the beings who have lived for a long time in Abhasvara Heaven know of these cosmic changes and reassure their frightened companions, D o not be afraid, friend! Do not be afraid, friend! Already previously this fire, having burnt the Palace of Brahma, disappeared' Then one sees indeed how the gods of the Second Dhyana have different ideas: at the burning up of the worlds in the First Dhyana, they have ideas of the arriving or the non-arriving of the flames amongst them, and they have ideas of fear and no fear.

All the defilements in fact accompany ignorance, and are activated through ignorance. In the same way, when one says that the king is coming, one understands that his courtiers are accompanying him. 21b. The samskdras are, in a previous life, the state of action. The series of the previous life, which does good, bad, or neutral actions, constitute the samskdras. 21c. The consciousness is the skandhas at conception. The five skandhas, in the womb, at the moment of reincarnation (pratisamdhi) or arising constitute consciousness.

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