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An English instructing textual content with Tibetan translation. Many pages of workouts. The English was once translated into chinese language and it was once from the chinese language that the Tibetan model was once made.

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_____can answer it. (A) Some body (B) No one (C) Every body (D) Anyone 5. He’s wearing _____. (A) a piece of glass (B) a glass (C) glasses (D) glass 6. Mother wants you _____ the dishes for her. (A) to wash (B) washing (C) wash (D) to washes Lesson 23: The Book Is Mine . Reading =D This is my English book. It belongs to me. It is mine. That is your English book. It belongs to you. It is yours. Those books aren’t ours. They belong to those boys over there. They are theirs. Why do we all have different books?

17. dance vi. ( || Everybody likes cute children. ( 13. young adj. 15. fair adj. ( ✂ glasses *a pair of glasses * (7 ) # ] ) *woman n. ( " # % white [ ) || Do you know how to dance? ( 18. someone pron. 42 5 ) ] 19. else adv. (everybody *everybody else somebody, nobody B = everyone else; somebody else nobody else ) 8 = someone else; = no one else; I like my teacher, but everyone else doesn’t. ( < ) Sorry, I can’t help you. Please ask someone else. ( ) 2 James smokes, but no one else in the office does.

I need a good English dictionary, but I can’t afford one now. ( ) = b. one )( " I don’t like this red pen. Give me a yellow pen. ( Give me a yellow one. ( )( ) = I don’t like this red pen. ) & 4. No one wants to give him a job because his shoes have holes in them. because 2 3 because # 3 ( ( 58 2 E 3 E * ; = 2 8 2 E 2 B ( . 8 Because he is knowledgeable, he has my respect. = He has my respect because he is knowledgeable. ( 0 # * * ) although ( = though # ), when ( = ), if ( 0) 3 Although he is rich, I don’t envy him.

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