Timothy A. Mousseau, Barry Sinervo, John A. Endler's Adaptive Genetic Variation in the Wild PDF

By Timothy A. Mousseau, Barry Sinervo, John A. Endler

ISBN-10: 019512183X

ISBN-13: 9780195121834

That includes an exceptional number of papers from prime authors, this publication summarizes the country of present figuring out concerning the quantity of genetic edition inside of wild populations and the how you can computer screen such version. it's a useful source for execs and graduate scholars in genetics, biology, ecology, and evolution.

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Linn. Soc. 61:267-279. Keightley, P. , T. F. C. Mackay, and A. Caballero. 1993. Accounting for bias in the estimates of the rate of polygenic mutation. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B 253:291-296. Keightley, P. , and W. G. Hill. 1990. Variation maintained in quantitative traits with mutation-selection balance: pleiotropic side-effects on fitness traits. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B 242:95-100. Kondrashov, A. , and M. Turelli. 1992. Deleterious mutations, apparent stabilizing selection and the maintenance of quantitative variation.

1994. Evolution of morphological differences with moderate genetic correlations among traits as exemplified by two flycatcher species (Ficedula: Muscicapidae). Biol. J. Linn. Soc. 52:19-30. , and L. Gustafsson. 1996. Temporal stability and micro-geographic homogeneity of heritability estimates in a natural bird population. J. Hered. 87:199-204. Millington, S. , and P. R. Grant. 1983. Feeding ecology and territoriality of the cactus finch Geospiza scandens on Isla Daphne Major, Galapagos. Oecologia 58:76-83.

8 gives the changes in coefficients of variation. 3 Effects on G. scandens Two F1 families (G. fortis X G. scandens), five firstgeneration backcross families, and two second-generation backcross families were added to the total sample of 149 G. , hybrids and backcrosses constituted about 5% of the total, which approximates their incidence in the population). All offspring bred with G. scandens and were therefore members of the G. scandens population (P. R. Grant and B. R. Grant 1997b). Effects of hybridization on G.

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