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The back irradiation by appropriate wavelength visible light regenerated its open-ring isomer and recovered the original emission intensity. Optical recording property. With a He-Ne laser (wavelength: 650 nm, 105 mW) in the experimental setup. the evaluation of potential of photochromic diarylethene as a polarization medium by recording and reading in a real-time operation was investigated. Using diarylethene 1b/PMMA film as recording medium, The polarizations of the patterns recorded on the film are shown in Fig.

Results and Discussion Photochromism in Hexane and in PMMA Film. The photochromic behaviors of diarylethene 1 were investigated and its absorption spectra were shown in Fig. 1. In hexane, the absorption maximum of its colorless open-ring isomer was observed at 276 nm. 20 × 103 L·mol-1·cm-1). This can be assigned to the formation of the closed-ring isomer 1c, as shown in Fig. 1A. 074 at room temperature, respectively. When arrived at the photostationary state, the photoconversion ratio from open-ring to closed-ring isomer of the derivative 1 was analyzed by HPLC in hexane, and the results are shown in Fig.

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