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This can be a copy of a booklet released sooner than 1923. This ebook could have occasional imperfections resembling lacking or blurred pages, bad photographs, errant marks, and so on. that have been both a part of the unique artifact, or have been brought via the scanning strategy.

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F. Inspect limit switches for freedom of movement. 1 The elevator system should be inspected annually in conjunction with planned maintenance requirements. The following areas should be checked as a minimum: a. Elevator platform. Inspect the platform and roller assemblies for: 1 Broken or damaged parts 2 Cracked welds 3 Excessive wear on bearing surfaces 588-23 S9086-T3-STM-010/CH-588R1 4 Free roller movement 5 Crimped, missing or damaged lubrication lines 6 Corrosion. b. Hoist machinery. Inspect the hydraulic engine, sheaves and associated foundations for: 1 Cracked welds 2 Missing or loose fasteners 3 Leaking hydraulic fluid 4 Pitted, scored or gouged hydraulic ram 5 Excessive wear pattern 6 Corrosion 7 Misalignment 8 Evidence of sheave bearing damage 9 Loose or missing personnel barriers 10 Crimped, missing or damaged lubrication lines.

When practical and appropriate, replacements should be made during regular overhauls. Wire ropes should be scheduled for replacement at the soonest availability after any replacement criterion on the wire rope inspection MRC’s has been met. Individual wire ropes on an aircraft elevator platform should generally not be replaced. A new rope would have a spring rate (due to constructional stretch) different than the older ropes and would not achieve its full permanent stretch until after it had been in service for awhile.

Prior to connection to the platform, grease shall be applied to the ropes, from the socket to a point ten feet above the socket, using a wire rope lubricator, AEL-2-920014777 or similar. After installation the wire ropes should be tensioned per the instructions found in the MRC’s for that elevator. The newly installed wire ropes should be tensioned after one month and again after six months of service to compensate for any constructional stretch. 1 The hydraulic system is essential to the operation of the elevator.

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