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203. 53. Baer,Historyof theJews in ChristianSpain,vol. 2, pp. 13-14. In the wake of the Rindfleishpersecutions, Jewswere fleeingthe Germanlandsfor the relativesafetyof SpainandItaly. The German pietistsdid not have to face the falloutfromlarge-scaleconversions,whether forced or voluntary,and so were not compelledto confrontthe problem. TheJews of Aragondid not have this luxury. R. Me'ir, for one, did not accept them as 54. pp. 295-299, 384-389; Yerushalmi,"Inquisitionandthe Jewsof France,"pp. 369-370.

Dobson,TheJews of Medieval York,BorthwickPapers,no. 45 (York:St. Anthony's,1974),pp. 24-25. 23. Citedandtranslatedin Grayzel,Churchand theJews,vol. 1, pp. 101-103. Theposition was repeatedby NicholasIIIin 1277 andincorporated intocanonlaw by the end of the century (see SolomonGrayzel,"TheConfessionof a MedievalJewishConvert,"HistoriaJudaica 17, no. 2 [October1955] 92-93). 24. Concerningthe place, or lack thereof,of HasideyAshkenazin the GermanJewish communityof the late twelfth and earlythirteenthcenturies,see Haym Soloveitchik,"Three AJSReview1 (1976): 336-338.

93-116. 73. See FrancesE. Mascia-Lees,PatriciaSharpe,andColleenBallerinoCohen,"ThePost ModernistTurnin Anthropology:Cautionsfroma FeministPerspective,"Signs 15 (1989): 11; Susan Gal, "BetweenSpeech and Silence: The Problematicsof Researchon Languageand 294 MICHAEL L. "74 I suggest that these rabbinictexts on female sexualitywere intendedto promotean atmosphereof intimidationwhose functionit was to enforce female sexual mores. The rabbis directly discouragemen from engagingin unsanctionedsexualbehavior;theyattemptto discouragewomen (whoarenotamongtheirimmediateaudience)by promotingcertain(probably preexistent)attitudesand genderhierarchies.

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