Alternative Food Networks: Knowledge, Practice, and Politics - download pdf or read online

By David Goodman

ISBN-10: 0415671469

ISBN-13: 9780415671460

Farmers’ markets, veggie packing containers, neighborhood meals, natural items and reasonable exchange items – how have those as soon as novel, "alternative" meals, and the folk and networks aiding them, develop into more and more ordinary gains of daily intake? Are the visions of "alternative worlds" outfitted on ethics of sustainability, social justice, animal welfare and the cultured values of neighborhood nutrition cultures and conventional crafts nonetheless credible now that those meals crowd grocery store cabinets and different "mainstream" buying shops?

This well timed ebook offers a severe overview of the expansion of different nutrition networks and their fight to guard their moral and aesthetic values opposed to the standardizing pressures of the company mainstream with its "placeless and anonymous" worldwide offer networks. It explores how those substitute events are "making a distinction" and their attainable position as fears of worldwide weather swap and foodstuff lack of confidence accentuate. It assesses different reviews of those networks in 3 significant arenas of foodstuff activism and politics: Britain and Western Europe, the USA, and the worldwide reasonable exchange financial system. This comparative viewpoint runs through the e-book to completely discover the innovative erosion of the interface among substitute and mainstream foodstuff provisioning. because the period of "cheap foodstuff" attracts to an in depth, research of the constraints of market-based social swap and the way forward for substitute nutrition economies and localist foodstuff politics position this e-book on the state-of-the-art of the sphere.

The booklet is carefully trained by means of modern social idea and interdisciplinary social medical scholarship, formulates an integrative social perform framework to appreciate substitute foodstuff production-consumption, and provides a special geographical achieve in its case studies.

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Even those professing the best of intentions can create par­ticu­lar visions of “the good life” that unconsciously exclude some people. These tensions between the demo­cratic ideals of indi­vidual auto­nomy and sover­eign notions of “the common good” constitute a central debate in modern polit­ical theory. Understanding this debate on the meaning of justice can help us clarify questions of local food and social justice as well. Since the time of Plato, philo­sophers have sought to discover the ideals that would lead to a perfect – just – so­ci­ety.

These emanate, in turn, from a larger the­or­etical dis­ agree­ment between Marxian and production-­oriented per­spect­ives and more cultural and consumption-­centered views of so­ci­ety that are now prominent in the social sciences. This chapter ex­plores the tensions between these contending frameworks by looking at recent attempts to bring consumption and consumers “back in” to agro-­food studies. We review this work as a first step toward articulating a more in­teg­rated framework that can bridge the “fault-­line” which now exists between the “production” and “cultural” sociology of food and its pro­vi­ sioning (Whatmore 2002).

This will enable a more complex and inclusive discussion about what a just food system would look like, rather than pressing for certain “com­mun­ity values” as if all com­munit­ies were defined by some ident­ical monolithic set of values. A reflex­ ive and imperfect open pol­itics would also make us more aware of in­equal­it­ies beyond the local that affect the range of choices we have closer to home, such as food industry monopolies, United States De­part­ment of Agri­cul­ture agency capture, nutrition pol­icy, agricultural sub­sidies, food dumping, and food deserts, as well as extra­ordinary in­equal­it­ies in wages and access to health care.

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