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Vs. dê pôde pôr porquê o quê sê (present subj. of dar; see above) (preterite indic. of poder) (infinitive) (noun) (pronoun; see p. 114 for details) (standard tu imperative of ser) A circumflex marks the 3rd-person plural present indicative of ter / vir and derived verbs in order to differentiate it from the 3rd-person singular, which is not marked in ter / vir but is marked with an acute accent in derived verbs. INFINITIVE 3rd-PERS. SING. 3rd-PERS. PLUR. ter conter tem contém têm contêm vir vem vêm convir convém convêm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Portuguese no longer uses a circumflex over the first e in the 3rd-pers.

2 EP: The following variant sounds occasionally occur in intervocalic position (like in Spanish): (a) [β] (variant of [b]) (bebo) (b) [ð] (variant of [d]) (dedo) (c) [γ] (variant of [g]) (gago / águia) 3 Portuguese no longer uses a dieresis over the u of qu / gu to transcribe [ku] / [gu]. 8 Sound System SOUND LETT. EXAMPLES DETAILS [f] f fofo / África like Eng. fife [v]1 v viver / lavava / lavrador like Eng. valve [s] [s] [s] [s] [s] [s] [s] s s ss c ç x sol valsa / absoluto / penso isso / posso cem / ciência / recife dança / moço / açúcar exsicar / excesso / excitar like Eng.

See pp. 13–15: 4 for alternative spelling of certain words. 4 Initial h is retained when preceded by a hyphenated prefix (pré-história). ); iii) after the prefix co (even if the root word begins in o), and after most other prefixes (except as listed in 3b below): coadministração / coocorrência / coprodutor iv) between a prefix ending in a vowel and a root word beginning either in a different vowel or in r / s (in which case the r / s is doubled): autoestrada // extrarregular / antissemita b) Hyphen i) between a prefix ending in a vowel and a root word beginning in the same vowel (except after the prefix co): anti-ibérica / micro-ondas ii) between a prefix ending in r and a root word beginning in r:2 hiper-realista / inter-rei / super-rebelde iii) after prefixes pós // pré // pró // ex // vice // soto/a, if the root word is a noun or an adjective:3 pós-graduação // pré-histórico // pró-americano // ex-presidente // vice-rei // soto-mestre / sota-piloto iv) after prefixes circum / pan, if the root word begins in a vowel or h / m / n: circum-navegação4 / pan-americano --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Exception: cor-de-laranja / cor-de-rosa, etc.

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