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This learn reconstructs the apocalyptic eschatology in Matthew's Gospel so we may perhaps comprehend his time and matters. Sociological research of apocalypticism in Judaism and early Christianity exhibits that this type of international view is followed through a minority staff in a time of serious challenge. Matthew's specific and infrequently vengeful imaginative and prescient needs to be set opposed to his community's clash with Judaism, Gentiles and the bigger Christian move and his acute have to increase his community's feel of identification and out of pastoral predicament.

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This term came into English as an adaptation of the German 'Apokalyptik', which itself derives from the Greek word for revelation (&71OK&AA)\|/K;), specifically from its presence in the first verse of the book of Revelation where it denotes the contents of that document. The word was eventually used to express two quite distinct ideas. On the one hand, it denoted a specific literary genre of ancient Jewish and Christian texts which focused on the revelation of heavenly secrets. This identification of an apocalyptic genre traces back to early Christian practice where a number of documents, similar in form to Revelation, were grouped together and referred to as apocalypses.

Rather, it means that this hypothesis, whatever its limitations, offers a better explanation of the complex interrelationships between the synoptic gospels than any of its competitors. 4. The methods employed in this study The methods adopted in this study are those most appropriate to the tasks at hand. The major tool for the descriptive section of this study, the reconstruction of Matthew's apocalyptic-eschatological scheme in Part II, will be redaction criticism. This method has been chosen because I accept the proposition that we can learn much about editors and authors by the manner in which they treat their sources.

A suggestion along these lines has already been proposed by C. C. Rowland who has criticised the prevailing scholarly view for exaggerating the importance of eschatology in the apocalyptic 8 9 Stone, 'Lists of Revealed Things', pp. 440, 443, 451-2 n. 78. ', pp. 25-51. 10 Rowland argues that the very term 'apocalyptic eschatology' is a misnomer on the grounds that there is no unity of thought in the eschatological schemes of the apocalypses and that their end-time themes are found both within and without the apocalyptic genre.

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