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By James Hillman

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Initially written for the Italian Enciclopedia del Novocento, this crucial publication is a concise, instructive creation to polytheism, Greek mythology, the soul-spirit contrast, animal pictures, psychopathology, mind's eye, and the writings of C.G. Jung, Henry Corbin, and Adolf Portmann within the formula of the sector of Archetypal Psychology. This long-awaited amended 3rd version features a whole record of Hillman's writings and a accomplished bibliography of guides within the box.

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The theory of its much an its consistently work. In fact, eroto-analysis as an basic perspective toward soul has The omnipresence all has of eros in therapy depth psychologies receives and in this recognition under the technical term transference. Archetypal psychology, analogously to Jung's alchemical psychology of transference, imagines transference against a mythical background— the Eros and Psyche mythologem from Apuleius's Golden Ass (Hillman 1972c, pp. 63—125) thereby de-historicizing and de-personalizing the phenome- nology of love in therapy as well as in any human passion.

H. Armstrong cf. of psychology are not believed in, 1981). not taken liter- not imagined theologically. "Religion approaches Gods ally, with ritual, prayer, sacrifice, typal psychology, Gods worship, creed. In arche- are imagined. They are approached through psychological methods of personifying, pathologiz- and psychologizing. They are formulated ambiguously, as metaphors for modes of experience and as numinous borderline persons. , p. 169). reflection: the Mainly, the Gods are mode of this discovered in recognizing the stance of one's perspective, one's psychologi- dominate one's styles of thought and life.

That analyses have been growing longer since the years with Freud and Jung must be understood as a of the psyche time. early phenomenon all, that for with is taking of reasons . . , p. 156). rooted in Jung's view of the psyche as inherently all psychic events whatsoever have telos. Arche- typal psychology, however, does not enunciate this telos. Purposefulness qualifies psychic events, but it is not to be from the images in which it inheres. Thus archetypal psychology refrains from stating goals for therapy (individuation or wholeness) and for its phenomena such as literalized apart symptoms and dreams (compensations, warnings, prophetic indications).

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